FIRST Robotics Team 1561 - The RoboDucks
Francis Tuttle Pre-Engineering Academy - OKC, OK

Francis Tuttle and FIRST®

Francis Tuttle Technology Center provides students with numerous opportunities in the many fields of engineering. One event that Francis Tuttle takes part in year to year is FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual event that challenges teens and mentors alike in a combination of many fields of engineering; from mechanical and electrical to programming and CAD. 

Students implement design and problem solving skills to think of out-of-the box solutions to challenges developed by FIRST, and often go on to enter exceptional careers in not only engineering, but many other areas in which creativity and critical thinking skills apply. Francis Tuttle encourages students to participate in this beneficial competition, and has been doing so successfully for many years. 

The RoboDucks

It’s pretty clear who wears the pants when the Francis Tuttle RoboDucks show up. Marching forth in purple camo to rival all other boldness of fashion, you will remember them.The RoboDucks – FRC® Team 1561 - are a FIRST Robotics team working to promote the study and implementation of science and technology in today’s society. Having competed nine years in the past, the RoboDucks know well the spirit of FIRST. They are currently working enthusiastically on this year’s challenge: Recycle Rush

Team 1561 strives to leave a positive impact on its community by promoting STEM principles. One way it does this is by offering free peer driven tutoring every Saturday. Adopting a family during Christmas, Team 1561 members raised money and donated essentials and Tech toys. Reaching out to Greystone upper school, Team 1561 donated Goldieblox toys that encourage the application of STEM ideas. Sharing their excitement for robotics, Team 1561 encouraged the kids to work hard and reach their goals. Although starting other FRC teams is one of Team 1561’s prime goals, our main focus is on planting seeds of interest in FRC in young people’s minds. Team 1561 does this is by helping out with Summerquest. 

The Engineering, Boe-Bots and CAD classes allow 1561 team members to talk to young kids about FRC. Because our team exemplified the key qualities of FRC, the head of OKC FRC chose team 1561 to represent FRC and hand out personal invitations to the OKC FRC competition to the Senator and representatives. Dedicated to spreading their enthusiasm for robotics, Team 1561 members host an annual engineering challenge day at Francis Tuttle Pre-Engineering. Middle schoolers from different schools compete in various engineering competitions and are given the chance to observe Team 1561. The goal is that by seeing team 1561 enthusiasm, middle schoolers will also see the importance of FRC. Believing strongly in the importance of robotics and science/technology, Team 1561 members patiently helped girl scouts and boy scouts earn their robotics badge.